Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Illogical Language

Ellie has started to learn to straighten her duvet when she gets out of bed in the morning. She call this 'making her bed pretty'. In a 'perfect parent' attempt at gentle, non-corrective, instruction, everytime she told me this I said would say "well done Ellie - you've made your bed'.

The conversation would run thus;
"Ellie, are you coming downstairs"
"One minute Mummy, I'm just making my bed pretty"
"Well done Ellie, you've made you bed"
"Yes I've made it pretty, haven't I?"
"Yes you've made it very well Ellie"
"Very pretty, Mummy"

You know - she's right. She's not made the bed - some carpenter employed by Mothercare did that and Daddy assembled it. She's transformed it from being covered with rumbled duvet and made it pretty.