Sunday, July 23, 2006

Unfinished Statement of Needs

I saw over on Glingle's blog a meme whereby you create a statement of your needs by Googling your name and the word needs and then display the most interesting results. I tried to resist it, but the social worker in me could not (it's a technical thing!). However, the three entries all related to a ecological kids song about Lisa the Lemur (you can see one of them here). It even plays the tune for you if you want.

Anyway, I got distracted following the link, and have lost the google page. Maybe one day when I'm less busy and tired I'll retry! Or maybe I'll just use the energy on teaching Ellie the song - it's so cool to have a song with your name! (even if it is really about a lemur!)

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Glingle said...

Hee hee it was the social services aspect that sucked me into doing it in the first place - all those years of completing a statement of need form for clients. "Mrs A will access the upper floor of her property safely and independently when she needs to do so" (roughly translated - I justified the fact that I'd arranged for a second stair rail to be installed!)

Ahh got to love that social services jargon. (Okay, so I may have been a tad sarcastic about that last bit.)