Sunday, December 03, 2006

rubber band art

You may remember I posted a little while ago, promising photos of Ellie's art from rubber bands. Well here are a couple she created today. For a two and a half year old, I think they are pretty good. One is a rabbit. The other is called Mr Cools (or is it Koolz? I forgot to check the spelling?!). Ellie was particularly proud of his tummy and hair.
Ellie devised this art technique all herself - and it is also recyclable and costs nothing...!


Stuntmother said...

I was going to ask whose incredibly bright idea this was -- and then you said! Ellie's of course!

These are such fun.

Oh, and I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much -- the all month blogging thing was a little time consuming, wasn't it?

Proud Grandmother said...

Many weeks ago I say Ellie empty the bands out of the rubber band box onto the carpet and make faces out of them, complete with hair, eyes, nose etc. without any prompting from me. I was very impressed. Then Miss Cleverclogs cleared those away, gave me a mischievous smile, tipped out a container full of paperclips and promptly left the room!

At less than two and a half she has us all sussed.

Jessica said...

Clever! Quite clever! Your Emily must be close to the same age as my Cub. It's amazing how much they come up with, all on their own.