Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ellie is three!

No posts for a while, but now I'm here, should I tell you about the joys of a Wacky Warehouse birthday party for 10 toddlers? (somebody else clears up!) Should I tell you about the uncontainable exicitement of a 3 year old unwrapping birthday presents? (stopping to run round and round the dining table). Shall I write a moving and articulate post about how quickly time has past, how this is the first year I have not fully relived the birth experience, how unutterably pround I am of my daughter, and how gorgeous she is....?

No instead, I shall introduce you to George the goldfish. (and maybe in the future I'll post some pictures of the birthday girl....)

Ellie's nana has given a fish tank (a stylish biorb) to Ellie for her birthday. We set it up, waited the absolute minimum of 24 hours and then went to buy a goldfish... Pets at home's fish expert was very very helpful, and gave us lots of advice about, for example, putting the plastic bag with the fish in the tank so it can adjust temperature before letting the fish into the bowl. On the drive home, I wondered aloud whether the bag would float. "It does in Nemo" said Paul. We clearly have so much expertise in goldfish between us!!!! Hm.

Welcome to your new home George the goldfish (and Good Luck - you might need it!)


Glingle said...

I'm sooo jealous I wanted one of those fish tanks when we were in Pets at Home last week! Welcome George - I just hope you don't find Kitty too friendly.

Stuntmother said...

Happy birthday Ellie! Our fish (Ben) lasted four days (eeeek). We have since killed off many fish but are hardening up about it.

Jessica said...

Happy birthday, Ellie!