Sunday, May 27, 2007

Climbing Frame

Not the most inspired of titles, but I'm a little overwhelmed and amazed at the moment (in a very good way)!

On Thursday, we were contacted out of the blue by Ellie's godfather's parents. (And if that sounds a bit of a tenous connection, it is.) They said that they had been asked by a neighbour to help take down a climbing frame and slide as it was not longer needed. It was in good condition and it upset them to think it would just be thrown away. Then they thought of their son's goddaughter and that she might like it, and so they rang us.

Not only did they dismantle the frame, and bring it round to us, they even spend 2 hours today ( a miserable cold day, with rain threatening) helping Paul assemble it for us - along with the kind of assistance only an excited 3 year old can provide.

It's wonderful when good things happen - and it's even better when you weren't expecting them!

Do you want to see what an excited 3 year old on a climbing frame with slide looks like?

Here's Ellie at the very top. I was convinced she would take a little while to build up the courage, as it's quite high - but as you can see I was wrong.

Approaching the descent - (it really is as high as it looks!)

And coming down the slide...

She went down it 3 times in the 5 minutes immediately after it was built - and were it not for the heavy rain which appeared as soon as it was finished, she'd probably still be on it now.


Glingle said...

Wow - that's impressive. Ellie is very lucky to have been given such a fantastic climbing frame. Have you got any garden space left to sit out in now?!

Jessica said...

Wow! Look at that thing! If we had something like that in our backyard, my children would probably live in it. As it is, the six year old uses the entire swingset as a climbing frame anyway. What a girl, going right to the top!