Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lost in the Real World

Oh - it's been a long time since I posted. Some of that was due to going away to the Lake District and having so much to post about that I didn't know where to start (Ellie fed giraffes and penguins and lemurs by hand - will post the pictures some time soon!). And then by freak of nature, about 3 weeks ago, we had the most amazing thunderstorm. Incredible - lasting 2 hours with the mid afternoon sky turning black, then illuminated by several simultaneous streaks of lighting in different sections of the sky (only I missed it because I was at work in Wakefield, where it just drizzled a bit). However, apparently the thunderstorm made a surge come down our telephone line and 'fried' (talktalk technical term) our modem. They sent us another one, but the Royal Mail managed to lose it, and the replacement only turned up today.

It's not that I've been completely removed from the internet - I use it daily at work (but at work I struggle to make time to eat my sandwich, I can't imagine finding time to write a post - although I've stolen a couple of minutes to read other blogs whilst munching my lunch).

It's made me realise though, how much I take for granted access to friends through blogs and email, how often I use the 'net to look up a phone number or address for a business, or to find out more about something.

I'd to reflect on my netless time and realise that I have rediscovered face to face social contact, opportunties and time to take up new crafts - but actually, I already did that, and being netless hasn't really altered it....

But anyway, I'm back now. And I realised that I missed posting. So often, I thought I want to post about that (partly to share with you all, and partly just to record and capture something for my own benefit). So maybe my posts will be a little more regular from now on.

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Jessica said...

Welcome back to the unreal world! (what? isn't that hat url stands for?)