Sunday, April 02, 2006

My life in a pint glass

I was supposed to be going out with friends to a club on Saturday night (although due to sore throat, laryngitis and a toddler who hasn’t properly slept these last few nights, I didn’t manage it). I was asked earlier in the week if I had any preference about which pub to go to beforehand. Once upon a time, this would have been a simple question; that time I now realise was quite some time ago.

I hadn’t realised that I no longer went out drinking in town. It was never a conscious decision – I still think about myself as someone who goes out for a few drinks. However, the fact is that I no longer have any preferences about which pub to drink in, because I can hardly remember the last time I went out to one. Actually that sentence is inaccurate on two counts. Firstly, I do have pub preferences ie ones with child-friendly lunchtime menus, buggy access and no smoking areas - but that’s not helpful in choosing a pub for a Saturday night out. Secondly, I can remember the last time I went out to a pub (in fact I can remember all 8 places I’ve had a drink in over the last 2.5 years). It’s probably that fact that makes me realise how much I’ve changed!

Over the last couple of days I’ve idly wondered: How did my self perception become so separated from reality? But I suspect this question is really the result of too little sleep and too many painkillers. The real question is “how do I (re)discover my favourite pub?” which will be much more fun to find the answer to!

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