Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Sunday’s question

Q. How many times can a nearly 2 year old go down a slide intended for over 4’s before they get bored?

A. I still don’t know – I lost count at 46!

Monday's question

Q. How much shorter is my urgent to do list at work at the end of the working day?

A. In fact, it's longer than when I started! I'm clearly in need of improving time management skills, the problem is that I've not got time to do that either!

Tuesday's question

Q. Should I drive 36 miles to work to join in the Unison picket, or should I find an alternative way to improve workers' morale?

A. Paul and I spent the day having a lie in, swimming, jacuzzi-ing (if that's a verb!), and planning our utility room kitchen 0- whilst Ellie maintained her normal routine at nursery. It's certainly improved my morale - so much so I'm ready to tackle that urgent to do list again tomorrow!

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Stuntmother said...

Q: How likely is it that quietly colouring children will erupt into maniac arguments and self-inflicted paper cuts the moment you slope off to use the loo?

A: Pretty darn likely