Thursday, September 14, 2006

Too busy to blog

I was going to blog about how I was starting to have a social life ( I even had three invites to choose from last saturday night - and that's not happened for years and years!), with amusing highlights from out homelife (how the pavement is being redone, and the workmen managed to burst our gas main, and how it was ever so lucky that Paul was at home that day or they would have needed to get the police to bust in our front door to be able to fix it.... followed by how they left the pavement 'in progress' overnight and we managed to get our car wheel wedged in the foot deep hole they'd left, completely blocking the road and needed to get a specialist truck to winch us out).

But right now, Ellie has chickenpox. And she needs me more than my blog does... so no more entries for a while.


Anonymous said...

Hope Ellie recovers soon. She will look like her chicken pox coloured teddy bear!

Anonymous said...

Oops -- that was Steer. Forgot I have to sign these things.

Stuntmother said...

I hope she feels much better very very soon. Poor chick. Better now though, than when she's older and at least it will be way out of the way.