Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dichotomies and Dilemnas

You may have noticed I've not posted for a while. It's not that I've not had anything to post about - just very little time.

The thought behind the title of this blog was that it would be my space. Some time and space just for me. Without needing to juggle several tasks. But the juggling just seems to take up more and more time and energy (with less time to blog). This sounds much more miserable that I am - I just need to find a few answers...

To questions such as:

1) How does a lazy (or busy - depending upon the day of the week) person balance eco-friendly attempts to save the planet with trying to cut the household budget?
You see I could walk more, saving CO2 emissions, and money on petrol - but it takes longer, and is hard when you work 34 miles away!
I want to buy organic food, but it costs a fortune in the supermarket, and I'm too lazy/buzy to grow my own or trail a toddler around local 'good' shops.
I used to use washable nappies, but now Ellie will only wear trainer pants, and I can't find non bulky washable trainer pants in any of the places I've looked...
And somehow, just using Ecover products really doesn't seem enough to save the planet for my daughter's future!

2)How do I find time to be a good mother, good wife/partner, keep the house clean (all of which take up lots of time)and still find time to be myself?
Because if I don't spend time doing things for me, that I enjoy, then I will be a less good mother, and a less good partner, and being in a clean house won't be enough...
But then I do also enjoy doing things with Ellie and with Paul - and there never seems to be enough time to do everything... And yet, I'm still gutted that I never made it to Infest,a nd that there are friends I've not seen in ages!

Oh this does sound miserable... and really, honestly, truly, I'm not. But I would be ecstatically happy if I could just answer these questions!


Stuntmother said...

So would I. Particularly to the second one. I need to do what I do. I don't see the corners to cut. Yet, I need to find time to be (what I remember as) myself. Whatever that is.

I hear you.

And I think using Ecover counts.

I also had to switch to disposible when the children were that age. Daniel particularly just wasn't ready to train but was far too big for cloth. One good pee would go through two nappies and plastic pants and then how is that ecofriendly, the amount of laundry I was doing?

I compromise about organic too. Some things I bite the bullet and buy. Others, I just can't afford and so think la la la, at least we're building up some resistance to all the chemicals in the environment.

Maggie said...

1. I don't know.
2. I have no idea.

But I am trying to answer those questions. I buy organic when it is on sale and was all cloth with the first child and then disposables with the second. The laundry was taking over my life! Now that the girls are bigger and like to be helpers some of the house cleaning is also "time spent with the kids". Time overlaps. I have discovered I can now knit without looking, slowly, but without looking. So, my knitting time can be infringed on yet not completely interrupted.
It all keeps life interesting!

Social Work Dad said...

Sorry I haven't commented earlier...I know you have a hard time about worklife balance but, from a husband's point of view, I think you manage really well. You are a very conscientious mother, housekeeper and wife... I certainly have no complaints! Does this mean you'll play a board game with me?