Monday, October 30, 2006


I started this blog because I wanted to make some time for me. A chance to step off, and step back from, the merry-go-round of my life. A chance to reflect on how things were, how I wanted them to be, and how I did not want them to be.

I think that simply having this blog, even when I do not post to it, gives me a different perspective on my life. It's encouraged me to stray out of my own world, my own friends and meet new people - some I agree with, others I may disagree with, but the majority have inspired me in some way. It's encouraged me to think about what I am doing, and how I feel about it - whether or not those thoughts get written up it's still a better perspective than just swirling about in the tides of my life.

But another part of having this blog was a chance to be creative - to have a chance to express myself. And I've not done so well with that... But hey. My life is busy. My family has to come before my blog. My work needs to come before my blog (at least enough to get paid!). So I'm not giving myself a tough time over it.

But, I am going to make a commitment to myself and my blog. Right now. I am going to participate in NaBloPoMo (1). A post every day in November. Will I manage it? The proof will be in the posting.

(1) Can it e National NaBloPoMo if I know people in the US who are doing it and I am too (in England)? Hmmm. Oh well, that won't stop me!

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Stuntmother said...

I'm glad you'll be doing it too -- and looking forward to reading all your stuff.

We could call it InterNaBloPoMo which actually flows off the tongue.