Saturday, January 13, 2007


Ok, I had many many New Year Resolutions in my head. Usually I write them down, review them at the end of the year (if I can find them) and discover that I've achieved a few of them. This year, because it's now 13th and I've not yet written them down, I'm going to try a new approach. An approach shamelessly stolen from another blogger - oh well, not plagiarising was never on my list! This year, I'm going to have a word. The word is balance.

In particular I want to work on finding that elusive balance between being an individual and being a mother. And to find the necessary balance between work and home (I'd sorted that quite well, but now life has moved on and I need to re-find that balance). I want to find balance in my new job -between trying hard to be efficient, effective and achieving results, yet not straying into the territory of being a bossy know it all. And back to the purpose of this blog - I need to find the balance between this modern world's need to multi-task, and my need to take things 'one thing at a time'. Because let's face it - all of these pursuits without balance are far less rewarding than they could be.

Wish me luck.


Patrick said...

Whilst Stu and I don't have "New Year's Resolutions" per se, we do pick 3 things we want to achieve during the year. We choose 1 thing for the house, one thing we want to do at work and one thing that is personal to us.

I have to say we aren't always terribly successful and we normally run a year behind (ie in 2006 I achieved the things I'd set to do in 2005) but it does give us something to aim for.

It is now 14th Jan and I've not picked my 3 things, but really it's OK as I've got my 3 things from 2006 that I've not done yet :-)

Patrick x

Stuntmother said...

good luck darling.

I think that balance is not a one year goal, but a life's goal. Finding balance is as elusive and crucial as finding peace, or faith or anything huge and defining and oh so worth having.


KRISTA said...

Good Luck! Balance is a good one. I hope to have that too this year. Every year actually.

Jessica said...

I find it interesting that balance is your focus, because that's my big deal for this year. My tendency is towards over-focused perfectionism. In other words, I hyper-focus and nitpick on one area of my life, while letting other things slide. This year, I'm trying to give everything my best, while realizing that sometimes, perfection just isn't going to be there for me, not if it comes at the expense of everything else.