Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rattling with pills

Just when you thought I'd forgotten where the post button is, I'm back. I've no real reason for not posting for so long, just other things have taken priority. However, part of my reason for failing to post this last week is because I've been poorly.

My teeth- never the strongest part of me - started to hurt over new year. So, I ignored it. I thought of the £15 or £40 it would cost to go to the dentist, I thought of needing to take time off work when I was busy, I thought of how maybe it would just settle down by itself.

Of course it didn't.

So I ended up with an emergency dental appt on Monday. And a course of antibiotics to be taken 4 times a day on an empty stomach. Plus painkillers every 4 hours.

By Wednesday, more swelling, more pain. another emergency appt. Diagnosis of an abscess. More antibiotics - to be taken 3 times a day, with a meal.

Yes, that is 7 separate doses of antibiotics. Plus painkillers.

Is it any wonder my brain had no time to spare on remembering to blog?

Anyway, swelling is reduced (almost gone). Pain is much less. Only one more day of antibiotics then a course of dental treatment still to come.

Time to return to normal!


Glingle said...

*feels smug in that she only has to take her antibiotics for sinusitis once a day* Hope you continue to feel better and that the dental treatment isn't too painful or too expensive! Lots of love xxx

Jessica said...

Oh dear. That's no fun. I have to have my wisdom teeth out as soon as we have the money, (because they're decaying) and they ache and throb daily. I can only imagine what an abscess feels like.