Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blogging balance

Life has been busy recently - and it's been a challenge trying to keep to my new year 'resolution' of balance. The level of challenge is probably best summarised if I tell you that I've been so busy, that I literally forgot all about the word balance being a resolution. Which probably isn't the best approach!

This lack of balance has also been evident in my approach to blogging. You will possibly have noticed that my posts have been, shall we say, sporadic this year. For weeks I've been too busy, and preoccupied with other things to get further in my thought process than " I really ought to post". Ideas for things to post about - pretty much nil. Then the last few days, I've had more ideas for posts than I know what to do with - far too many to actually narrow down to writing just one, and no time for writing more than that.

Still. I have remembered the word balance. I have added the word order to my vocabulary too, as I think this may help achieve balance. I find it hard to be balanced in a world of chaos. (I'll make that my more advanced resolution for when I have basic, bog standard, balance sorted!).

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Jessica said...

Balance sounds like such an easy committment to make, but then I start to realize that instead of traipsing across a nice, solid log a foot off the ground, I'm balancing on spider silk 3 stories up in the air. The principle is the same, but the practice is so much more difficult.