Sunday, February 11, 2007

The garden challenge

Did you notice the garden through the window in that last post? Here's a closer look :

It's clear that despite my increased gardening effort in the last year, the previous 2 years of neglect (or at best minimal input) has left a less than showcase garden. We've removed the plants we disliked most, but have since been overwhelmed by weeds (which had presumably been put off by the previous garden inhabitants).

Anyway, this year - I'm going to make a garden in which
1)I can relax in the evenings with pretty flowers rather than weeds, and with a Pimms (or maybe a Kir or maybe a glass of chilled white wine - well you get the idea)
2) We can all have fun and play on weekends (and Paul and Ellie can during the week too)

And to make this a real challenge, not only shall I be hampered by my minimal gardening skills, but I shall also have only a maximum budget of £50. (Although, this excludes the money we need to find for a new shed - the other one is at best unstable and falling to bits, and at worst verging on dangerous!)

But before you are driven to comment " You fool, why try to achieve the impossible" . Remember that gardens always look at their worst in winter, not to mention it's amazing how pretty a glass of Pimms can make anywhere look! Besides, we're already pretty much there with aim No 2... we had a lovely 'party' outside today.

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Jessica said...

It looks lovely, compared to ours. After the ice storms this winter, the trees are such a disaster area that I'm afraid the yard and garden may have to play second fiddle for a while this spring. Most years, it's all I can do to keep ahead of the weeds and marvel at the things that come up all of their own accord year after year.

It's so green there! Are you sure it's winter?