Monday, March 26, 2007


Two random thoughts about families:

1) Since Ellie was born nearly 3 years ago, I have spent 1 night away from home (when Paul and I went to a wedding. Last night, I stayed in a hotel near Newcastle so I could be bright eyed and bushy tailed for a training course today. Alone. No Ellie. No Paul. Kingsize bed all to myself. Very strange. And I missed them both - dreadfully. That's not to say I wouldn't stay away again if I needed to... but... it was much much harder than I'd expected.

2) Today, Paul needed to get yet another sicknote from the GP - to tie up the loose ends of his job termination, and so that he can get on with sorting out some incapacity benefit to replace his work (statutory) sick pay. He ended up with a phone appt with the GP, who not only gave Paul a thorough verbal check over, but also asked how Paul's illness was affecting family life, myself and Ellie - on the grounds that we were all registered with the practice. Clearly the days of 'family doctors' are not gone!


Patrick said...

I am actually a big fan of telephone appointments with the doctor. For those of us with some basic medical knowledge (or a Dad who is a doctor) it is easier for me to ring my Dad (with 24-hour availability), ask his advice, and then ring my GP the next morning and say "I've spoken to my Dad and he thinks it's XYZ so please can I have something for it". They are nice enough not to be insulted that my Dad has interceded before him.

Certain things still need a face-to-face appointment but follow-ups are much easier on the phone and better than waiting 45 mins in a germ-filled doctor's waiting room catching god-only-knows what else!

Patrick x

Social Work Dad said...

Ellie and I managed fine without you... but it was lvoely when you came home!