Friday, March 09, 2007


I found this on someone else's blog - so I'm hoping it's not copyright! Look at the picture below, and see how long it takes you to see the man hiding amongst the beans. Once you see him, you'll be amazed that you didn't spot him straight away. (Unless of course, your brain works in some incredible way which means that you do see him instantly - in which case I'm most impressed!)


Jessica said...

Huh. My brain must work that way, because I saw him right away.

Actually.....that's a little creepy to see some fellow peeking out of the coffee beans. Might make me inspect each handful a little more closely when I'm making coffee in the morning (which would require me actually opening my eyes....).

Stuntmother said...

Wow. It was like he wasn't there --- and then he was. So weird. And cool.