Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A good day!

Today has been a good day! Our cat, Kitty, who has been missing since Friday has returned - a very lovely couple took her in when she was looking scared out near the main road on Sunday evening, and rang us when they saw the posters we'd put up. Also, a nice plumber has come and made our central heating work downstairs (since we'd turned on the heating, it had only been working upstairs!) . And I managed to make the deadline of end of today, (set Monday) to write a new job description, put together a business case for recruiting to said job, and complete an advertising form for it too - which should hopefully mean that I get a team of 3 instead of 2 which will make a huge difference to my workload. (until someone realises that and gives me considerably more projects to work on... )

I'm applying for the job I've been doing for the last 11 months on a permanent basis - application form (as yet not finished) to be in by Friday so fingers crossed that my good luck holds!


Flop said...

So pleased to hear Kitty's safe and well - just woke Mum & Dad up to tell them! Fingers crossed about the job xxx
PS This isn't really from the rabbit - I just can't remember my flippin' password to access my own account!

Richard said...

The cat came back... the very next day. Do you remember those adverts? Anyway, very glad Kitty is safe and well.

By the way I hope to be in York 9th December. Perhaps it would be a good time to meet up? Maybe swim at the posh gym?


Jessica said...

Glad to hear things are going well, and glad to see you back in the blogging game!

Stuntmother said...

Welcome back! Sorry it took me so long to notice. I've had my head stuck somewhere that it needs to be pulled out from.

how's things?