Monday, November 12, 2007

Little mermaid

We rejoined the rather expensive, but rather nice, and very nearby gym recently. In a determined effort to 'get our monies worth' (well we do live in Yorkshire!) we've been swimming at least twice a week with Ellie. She's always been very confident in water, and has been happily swimming (with her own variation of legs and arms) for nearly 2 years now. But in the last couple of weeks she's been determined to swim without armbands. She's not very keen on fighting to stay above water though. She's more of a put your head in, and get on with it kind of swimmer (whereas I'm a 'stiff neck' head out of water type).

Anyway, this style clearly works for her. If Paul and I stand about 10 - 12 feet apart in the pool, she can now happily swim between us. All in one big breath. I'm reluctant to encourage her try much further, until she has learnt to come up for air!

It really reminds me of when she first started walking - watching her toddle between us. I held my breath then, waiting until she made if safely into our arms. And I hold it now whilst she is swimming - even though it's not me under the water! So wierd!

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