Thursday, March 09, 2006

3 good things beginning with S.

Today has been one of those days when small but good things have happened, and until now I’ve not even spared a thought for what might be happening at work.

First Ellie and I went swimming – not just ordinary swimming, but the first swim of the year in the re-opened outdoor pool. I’ll acknowledge a moment’s anxiety about the environmental impact of heating all that water - for it only to turn into steam in the freezing cold air. The anxiety, however, was quickly outweighed by the sheer joy of swimming in the open air. Swimming outside instantly makes me feel like I’m on holiday; with all the sense of well-being and relaxation which usually accompanies that. Luckily, Ellie also enjoyed it and was visibly and audibly happy – which stemmed my fear of being a poor mother by taking her out into the freezing cold air in only a swim nappy and swim suit!

Following swimming and lunch, Ellie had a sleep. For many children this would not be significant, but Ellie and I have had a running battle over a) sleeping for more than 40 minutes in the middle of the day and b) sleeping in her own bed without me. Last week, I won to the extent that for 2 of the 4 days she was at home she had a nap in her own bed after only 30-40 minutes of crying and protestation. Of course, what happened 4 days ago is no indication of what would happen today. The swim had obviously worn her out though as today after only 10 minutes of sobbing she slept for 2.5 hours! (Which is the longest I’ve EVER known her sleep during the day when she’s not ill).

Finally we went shopping which could so easily have been a stressful thing. Ellie was charming to all the passing “people”, she helped find things in the shop, and put them in the trolley, and then put them on the checkout. And for not the first time, I was struck by how helpful the checkout staff are – little things, like waiting until I’ve got most of the trolley unloaded before starting to scan the items, chatting to Ellie, and not batting an eye at the half opened, half chewed pack of tomatoes that Ellie had taken a fancy to whilst shopping.

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Valerian said...

Couldn't resist writing to say a big congratulations on setting up your blog. Makes very interesting reading and I loved the photo!