Friday, March 24, 2006

Independence at Wacky Warehouse

Some days people surprise you. Ellie had been desperately keen on doing her own thing early this morning - taking no account of my words of wisdom (eg. "give me those scissors they're dangerous"). Luckily for both our sanity, today is Friday. This means we got to meet up with friends at the Wacky Warehouse where Ellie could run riot, in a carefully padded, almost impossible to do yourself an injury, environment. At the end of the session, Ellie announced that she wanted a sticker; a yellow one. I was busy putting on my shoes at the time, and almost without thinking I said "Go and ask the lady for one, whilst I finish putting on my shoes". I say almost without thinking because I had no expectation that she would do it - I just wanted to say something to distract her momentarily whilst I finished tying my shoelaces. Anyway, she went over to the counter. At that moment, another parent and child arrived for the next session and I watched Ellie stand patiently next to the counter whilst they were served before actually asking the lady for a sticker. Later conversation with the 'lady' revealed this request was not of the polite "please may I have..." type I have been teaching her, but a very effective, single word: "Sticker".
I don't know who was more proud - Ellie of her sticker, or me of Ellie!

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