Thursday, November 30, 2006

Endings (temporary)

So, I've got a replacement for my post - in a couple of weeks I'll have fully switched from my current post to my secondment. As you may have noticed in my last post, although I claim on job applications to be very good at managing change (and I am!) I have to confess that I find it as difficult as anyone. I enjoy the new challenges it brings, but wish I could keep all the old ones too - particularly the ones I've just sorted out!

Tonight also marked another change and ending. It was my last swim/sauna at our gym. Again it's only temporary - we've suspended our membership as we have other priorities at the moment. However, I am already really missing it... On the other hand, I am well aware that (as gym managers rely on with minimum contracts etc) we have often paid for a month or so when we have not actually made it though the door. I know that when we resume membership we will be making much better use of the facilities, and will probably appreciate them more for having not had them for a while. I'm still a little sad though (but know it will have passed by morning).

But really I should be looking to the future so finally, a conundrum. My new office has an enormous desk area - well 3 desks assembled in a big L to be accurate. Is this
a) a sign of status
b) a sign of overwork
c) a sign that the previous occupant was a hoarder?

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Glingle said...

Hmm I vote for it being a sign that the previous occupant never got round to filing anything, and just expanded the desks to fit the piles.