Thursday, November 09, 2006

Proud Parents

Can there be anything more lovely than going to a Parent's Evening at your child's nursery, drinking their free wine (albeit no doubt included in our monthly fees), eating their nibbles, catching up with other parents you like, and having the staff in the room your daughter is leaving saying how much they will miss her, and the staff in the room she will be moving to saying how very much they are looking forward to having her as she is always so lovely?

I know my daughter is gorgeous. But it is so nice to hear other people say it.

(And we won the raffle too!)

A happy evening to provide a solid rock in a sea of uncertainty. I love my family.


Stuntmother said...

Oh how wonderful. And she is lovely.

Whaddya win?

Jessica said...

It is always wonderful to have someone validate just how wonderful, gorgeous, talented, funny, intelligent, etc. your precious little ones are! And with free wine no less!

That being said, she is a darling girl.

Found your blog through the NaBloPoMo randomizer. Love your writing!

Custancia said...

it was a small raffle, with a choice of prizes,
Wine - white or red (my preference)
a couple of toys (no doubt Ellie's preference)
or big box of chocolates (certainly, Paul's preference)
We won first, so I had full choice... tough call!
I chose Chocs. Paul is very very happy and I get to share!