Thursday, November 16, 2006


Oh dear, due to internet connection hassles, I've been only just scraping through on this NaBloPoMo thing (well, Ok replace scraping through with occasionally failing to post every day - but still posting more than not!).
However, I have completely failed to take into account that we are off to Center Parcs tomorrow, for a long weekend away from it all. So there may be a mid packing post tomorrow. There may be a return post on Monday. But unless our housesitter hacks into my account and posts on my behalf there'll be no posts this weekend.


Failure, at the half way stage.

But do I care? Afraid not. I'm off on holiday. Away from work, away from housework, with my family and some good friends and my gorgeous god-daughter (one of them, I have two equally gorgeous). And I've packed the wine!

But, in spirit of contrition and penance, I hereby pledge to ensure that by the end of November I have posted at least 30 times. (which will be at least one a day from when I return).


Glingle said...

Or your sister could hack into your account... I've got the scanner ready, now where did we put those embarassing photos of you as a baby?

Pappy's Fella said...

Forge on, despite the slings and arrows of rule-bound sissies!

Happy Nablopomo.