Monday, November 27, 2006

Good things

I've had a few days of 'good things' - little, almost insignificant things which have made me smile, laugh or just pleased to be me at that time and that place. They are the sort of things which don't really mean much to anyone else- but are precious and priceless to me. And, whilst as always, Ellie has contributed greatly to such things they haven't all been about her - which is in itself a nice counterpoint to my usual perception of life.

So, to give you a few examples (and so on a less good day, I can look back here and smile about them all over again...)

A friend I'd not seen for several years (post-motherhood in fact) told me that I had not changed since being a student - definitely a compliment.

A work colleague, who I work with occasionally, gave me a huge smile and a big hug when she realised I was going to be working near her office in my new job.

I had evidence that I chosen a fantastic friend for Ellie's godfather when he was unselfconciously playing 'animals' with Ellie in the toddler pool - bounding around saying ribbit ribbit.

Seeing my goddaughter Maisy and teaching her to play draughts - immediately followed by her wanting to play another game with me.

So life is busy, hectic, unstable, even stressful at times - but basically good.


Anonymous said...

You were saying "I wish I had a camera to record this" -- but if you had, I'm not convinced I would have been jumping up and down shouting "ribbit ribbit". -- Steer

Custancia said...

But, I *do* wish I had had a camera, or even better a video. You and Ellie were perfectly synchronised and having so much fun! I just wish I could share it with everyone.... (but I can't, so you're OK!)