Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The value of others

Blogging started out as a way of making time for myself, to think about things and develop some perspective - as well as being a way of using my writing skills. Strange how things turn out...

Due to NaBloPoMo combined with the vagaries of my broadband connection, thoughtful crafted posts have been replaced with a manic scramble to compose and post before the connection fails (if only I was organised/had time enough to draft in word then try to upload on the same day!). And the reasons why I am writing are also changing. It's still a place for me to reflect, (or perhaps more accurately causes me to reflect during the day - how would this look as a post? what would I write about this event? what do I actually think about it??) but it's also a way of keeping up with friends - real world ones, re-found ones, and new ones who I may never meet but whose opinions and thoughts I now value.

Today, I hit a challenge. Someone has reacted in a way that has surprised and disappointed me. I'd quite like to blog about it - a chance to figure out whether or not I am going to take their reaction to heart, how I truly feel about what has happened. It's not major but it's on my mind. I'd quite like to poll others opinions about this - without having to take over every conversation by rehashing it when I'm not really too clear what I actually think and feel. But I can't. Maybe one day they will read this blog. And I can guess that my blogging about it would surprise and disappoint them...

So, it's a shame that you will never read enough to know what I am actually on about, but at least I know, and now you know, that I really value your comments and feedback. Blogging has made my world bigger and more interesting and that must always be a good thing. Even if I don't spend as much time on it as I'd like


Stuntmother said...

Telephone? Talk it out?

I have had this pitfall. I think you're making the right decision, but it's illustrative of the role blogging plays in our lives, that it feels like a useful, important space to work out the trials of our human interactions.

THinking of you. You're all amazing.

Anonymous said...

Is that someone has reacted to your Blog in a way you wouldn't expect, or someone has reacted to something else in a way you wouldn't expect?

I've read through your last few blogs and can't find anything offensive or that can be misinterpreted, so I'm confused!!

Looking forward to seeing you in 10 days
Patrick xxx

Custancia said...

Patrick - Sorry, writing in too much of a rush to be clear! Someone had done something, real world, which disappointed me (which I'm sure I will tell you about when I see you!). I was just surprised by my reaction in wanting to blog about it.